Tell me why it's worth my money

Sure thing, take a look at the traps out there...
Sure thing, take a look at the traps out there...

Payday loans with 400% interest rates

Cycle of credit card debt

Student loan debt over $100,000

Paying $600,000 for a $300,000 house

And you personally know there's a lot more out there...

What if...

Knew the benefits of opening a Roth IRA early

They stayed away from payday loans

Knew how to increase their credit scores

Knew how student loans worked

Well... our mission is to make it a reality

Help them open Roth IRA's

Create a large social media platform for free digital education

Go into schools and provide financial literacy education for free

How effective are you?

We're off to a promising start...

Need a little more convincing?

Part of our goal is to help students open IRA accounts...

If a student opens an Roth IRA at age 18, starts with $50, and invests $2500 on average with 7% annual returns until retirement...

The student will save over $800,000+ 

What happens if I give you my money?

We report back to you...

Example: "this year we helped open 20 Roth IRA accounts for students

Example: "The experimental group is continuing to outperform the control group at a p = 0.006 significance rate"

Example: "thanks to your funding, we are expanding into a new school district"

How will my money get distributed?





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